Fort Worth boy and siblings get dream room makovers

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A 7-year-old boy is sleeping in a newly transformed bedroom thanks to a local non-profit.

Bryce Aswell has an inoperable brain tumor, but received a little more Sunshine in his life, Sunday morning. The group Sunshine Spaces works to lift the spirits of families with children with serious medical conditions.

Bryce received a hero’s welcome Sunday, complete with a motorcycle escort and Star Wars storm troopers. The boy and his family have been through many difficult days. That’s why Sunshine Spaces stepped in with dream room makeovers for Bryce and his siblings.

Bryce likes giraffes and safaris, and he got exactly that. His new room puts him on any adventure he can imagine.

His mother, Amanda, was also overwhelmed, “He's my baby I just want to protect him and give him the world.

No one was left out. Sunshine Spaces and its many volunteers created a dream room for Bryce’s 10-year-old sister Hailey and 6-year-old brother Brandon.

The program’s founder, Erica Jones, says these reveal parties make it all worth it, “When they're not feeling so well and the other kids are out in the neighborhood this is the room all the other kids want to hang out in gives them a chance to be a kid again."

Sunshine Spaces put the family up in a hotel while they worked. Crews started Friday and were done by Sunday Morning. Volunteers and donations helped make the transformation possible. You can learn more about Sunshine Spaces at