Former reality star arrested on drug charges

Former MTV reality star Rashawn “Bam Bam” Davis is in custody after getting caught with drugs at a Carrollton recording studio.

Police arrived at The Sound Lab recording studio after getting a complaint from a nearby business.                   

Carrollton police say a patrol officer knocked on the front door of the studio. When someone opened the door, officers reportedly smelled marijuana.

After getting a search warrant, narcotics officers and SWAT officials showed up and made three arrests, including Davis.

Employees at a Carrollton business park felt the effect.

“I thought it was a bomb threat or something was really going on,” said Linda Ross, an employee at a nearby business.

“They had the loudspeaker going, ‘Open the door!’” said Dale Roberson with Dale’s Professional Window and Glass. “They kicked them in."

Police arrested Davis on suspicion of two drug charges and for six outstanding traffic warrants.

Jail records show the 37-year-old has various bond amounts; it's not clear if he can bond out at all. 

Davis appeared on the show Rob and Big, which aired until 2008.

A business owner FOX 4 spoke to said she isn't surprised.

“I've smelled a lot of marijuana, a lot,” she said. “My office usually reeks of it every day."

Others agree, saying people often drank in the parking lot in front of the studio during business hours, leaving it littered with beer bottles.