Former police chief gives new insight in Midlothian murder case

Several law enforcement agencies have joined Midlothian police in the hunt for the person who murdered a fitness instructor. FOX 4 sat down with a former police chief for insight into what the investigation may be focusing on and what clues may have been missed.

Catherine Torrez, a former Cockrell Hill police chief who now runs her own investigation firm, reviewed video clips of the suspect in Missy Bevers’ Monday morning murder.

“The gait and mannerisms appear very masculine,” said Torrez. “So in my opinion, it's a man.”

That's one thing Midlothian police say is still uncertain -- whether the attacker was a man or woman.

Torrez says even though the face is covered, the head-to-toe police gear is a significant clue.

“The clothing that he's wearing looks new, out-of-the-box, looks crisp and distinct black-and-white,” said Torrez.

The former police chief says anyone can buy the gear online. And in this case, she believes the get-up was a ploy.

It was just enough so that if she ran into him, she would think it was a police officer and that she was safe so that he can get close enough without her trying to run and get away,” said Torrez.

Even though the video clips are short, Torrez believes the suspect appears to be in no hurry at Creekside Church of Christ. She also thinks Missy was targeted.

“He's very slow and methodical about walking through the building,” said Torrez. “He's not in any hurry of getting caught so he's obviously done his homework. He knows the police are not on their way.”

Missy's husband, Brandon Bevers, spoke at length to reporters then attended a vigil in her honor on Tuesday.

The family is coming to grips with a mom's absence while police unravel a murder mystery - including whether Missy was targeted, and if so, why.

In addition to hundreds of tips coming in, reward money has come in as well to help solve the case. The ATF was at the crime scene Wednesday afternoon but it is unclear if anything significant was recovered.