Former employee says D.A. Hawk needs to go

A former employee of the Dallas District Attorney’s office says it's time for District Attorney Susan Hawk to go.

The former employee, Cindy Stormer, says Hawk is not fit for the job, and she spoke with FOX 4’s Lori Brown on Thursday.

Stormer says she observed erratic behavior from Hawk, and she has questions about how Hawk is handling taxpayer money.

Stormer plans to file a petition with a district court to remove Hawk from office.    

As administrative attorney, Stormer's office was right beside Hawk’s. Stormer oversaw the D.A.’s budget, but was fired last week.

“She didn't like the fact that I was standing in the way of her accessing that money unfettered,” said Stormer.

In a statement, the D.A.’s office cites performance issues as the reason for Stormer's termination.

It goes on to say it is unfortunate that Stormer "is choosing to distort the facts and attack our office and specifically attack Judge Hawk while she unable to respond."

Hawk is on personal leave, being treated for depression.

She has been out of the office since July and has admitted that prior to taking office, she sought treatment for addiction to prescription drugs.

But Stormer says she observed erratic behavior from Hawk after taking office.

“There were many incidents that led me to believe she was suffering from a drug-induced psychosis,” said Stormer. “Her eyes would be darting around. It was very difficult for her to stay focused."

Stormer also believes there are questions about how Hawk was handling the office's money, including a $22,500 check that Hawk took home.

"There was a stamp on the front of the envelope that indicated it had been received by the District Attorney's Office on July 28, which was the same day that District Attorney Hawk came up missing,” said Stormer. “Then her statement was, ‘I thought that was my paystub.’”             

The D.A.’s office acknowledges that Hawk took the check home on July 28, but says it was a mistake and that the envelope with the check was in a stack of mail.

The check was later discovered and returned to the office.

Late Thursday, Hawk issued a statement about the possible petition to remove her.

She says she is healthier and stronger than ever, and excited to get to work.

She says it's disappointing that the petition will be a distraction from the good work of the office, and that she did not choose to have a mental illness, but chose to confront it.