Former DISD super. talks search for new leader

By Lori Brown

One month after Dr. Mike Hinojosa started the job as interim superintendent, FOX 4 has learned that a majority of school board members are open to considering him for the permanent job.

FOX 4’s Lori Brown sat down Monday with one of Dallas ISD’s most respected former superintendents, Dr. Mike Moses.

He now serves as a consultant for school districts.

Dr. Moses believes the district needs to focus on healing and finding a leader who can be a consensus builder. 

After just a few days on the job, Dr. Mike Hinojosa promised to build, rather than burn, bridges.

“You can't always agree, but if you need to disagree you need to do it agreeably,” Hinojosa said recently.

It’s the quality that former superintendent-turned-consultant Moses says is one of the most important in a superintendent.

“Those who feel they've been disenfranchised will never be fully supportive of the direction the district is going,” said Moses. “It's very difficult to move the district forward when there is constant opposition, where there are people who are challenging every move you make.”

School board first vice president Miguel Solis believes one of the biggest issues facing the district are all of the new faces.

“I've been a teacher and a central administrator in DISD while change has happened,” said Solis. “Anytime you change the system, systemically, the people impacted most are people on the ground. Real change can happen when you give someone stability and consistency and there's support.”

Solis points out that Hinojosa is one of the longest-serving DISD superintendents in recent years.

He headed up the district for six years and left for a superintendent job in the Atlanta area.
“Is Dr. Hinojosa the right person for the job?” FOX 4’s Lori Brown said.

“He very well could be,” said Solis. “I think right now, if you were to ask me, he’s probably a leading contender because, again, my focus is on stability and consistency.”

Before deciding who to hire, the board will first have to decide if it will hire a consultant to search for candidates.

Board members have directed Hinojosa to keep the teacher and principal pay and evaluation systems in place for the new school year.