Flower Mound woman fights off home intruder

A Flower Mound couple is living with a shattered sense of security after a man in a hood and a mask sneaked into their home recently. 

The woman living there saw him and at first thought she got rid of him.

Instead, that's when the true terror began.

Amy Allen was home late from a Rangers game. 

She couldn’t sleep, so she was in and out of the back door, trying to set the sprinkler system. 

When she walked by her alarm key pad, she saw a warning light that a door was open.
“So I stepped toward the back door,” she said. "As I stepped in the kitchen, I saw him standing at the dishwasher. He had his back to me. It didn't take me very long to figure out it wasn't my husband, it wasn't my son, and I screamed ‘Hey!’ really loud and he turned and faced me for a second.”
The intruder took off, and so did she. 

“When I hit him, I was running full force and we just fought all the way to the back door,” said Allen. "He had a rum bottle from my kitchen counter in his left hand that he obviously was hitting my arm with." 

The burglar threw the rum bottle, apparently trying to hit her. It smashed against the wall. 

"I got him out the door and as he hit the moonlight,” said Allen. “I saw that he had a white mask on. That was really terrifying.”
She closed the door and locked it, but what happened next is what really terrified her.

“He banged on the door three times, and the third time he hit the door, it exploded in and he came in right after,” she said. “And so we started really fighting, kicking, hitting, both of us.”

That’s when her husband, Mike, woke up. 

“I heard screaming and then I heard what sounded like an explosion,” said Mike. "I came out of the bedroom and looked and saw my wife and figure that she was fighting with and I flipped the light switch on and I hollered, ‘What's going on?’”
The couple says, that's when the man ran toward the front door, and Amy was right on his tail. 
“And I was pounding on his back and screaming at him,” said Amy. “He took off up the street and I slammed the door, locked it and called 911."

She says the intruder didn't show a weapon and didn't steal anything. 

But Mike Allen says he got plenty. 

“What he took from us was our sense of security in our own home,” said Mike.

Mike says the hoodie and mask signified to her he had intent to break in, but coming back in the house signified violence.