Flooded Duck Creek damages Garland homes

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People who live near Duck Creek in Garland have to clean up and dry out after severe flooding damaged homes overnight.

An estimated seven inches of rain fell in less than 24 hours in the area, which caused street flooding and water to rush into homes. Some homeowners were caught off guard and had to quickly move to higher ground or even their own attics.

An estimated two-dozen homes in the 3500-3600 blocks of Glenbrook Drive were damaged by the flooding.

Homeowners said they had never seen flooding like what happened overnight.

"The doors came flying open like two robbers were pushing your door open and it was water, about three feet of rolling water," said resident Billy Mack Williams.

Williams said the floodwater caused furniture to swirl around in his home and also damaged windows.

The water receded by late morning and roads were reopened.

Homeowners could be seen cleaning up debris from inside their homes and that had been dropped by flood waters on their lawns and streets.

One resident found a neighbor's grill under his truck.