Flash flooding possible with Wednesday's rain

With more rain in the forecast, many people in North Texas are bracing for flooding.

A flash flood watch is in effect for all of the area through Thursday morning.

The National Weather Service said the ground is already saturated from the recent rainfall, so even just an inch or two of rain could flood low-lying areas.

One spot that had high water over the weekend was under the Interstate 45 bridge at Illinois Avenue in East Oak Cliff.

There's actually a flashing sign there to warn drivers of high water, but many ignored it. Several got stuck and had to be rescued.

Also over the weekend, the Navarro County got about 10 inches of rain. One driver drowned and first responders were overwhelmed with water rescues.

County officials are asking residents not to go out Wednesday unless they absolutely have to. There's just too much to risk, especially because many county roads are dark and it's hard to gauge how deep floodwater is.

"We're an economically-depressed county, and are stressed as well, and don't have the money to repair every road that we have," said Navarro County Judge H.M. Davenport. "We continue to hope for rain no matter what, but we don't need any more if we can keep from it."