Flash flooding in Tarrant County leads to some evacuations

Streets looked more like lakes in the Fort Worth suburb of Saginaw.

More than three inches of rain came down fast, and several streets flooded quickly.

In low-lying streets the water almost reached the top of the tires on cars.

One man said Saginaw is prone to flooding.

"Every time when it rains real hard, Saginaw will get it real bad and there will always be cars like this stuck. If you look when it's dry out here, when it's not raining like this, you can see the road slopes real bad so anytime you get heavy rain over here it's bad," said Trinity Kila.

Another man trying to spare his car from stalling chose to park his car a few blocks away and walk through the flooded roads to get to work.

To the east of Saginaw in Blue Mound, heavy rain caused Little Fossil Creek to overflow.

Some people who live along the creek left their homes as the roads started to flood.

At one point, the water rose half-way up to the doors of a police SUV.

The mayor of Blue Mound brought out his tractor in case anyone got stranded. Luckily it wasn't needed.

"We can't take much more water. The creek running, Little Fossil Creek is 80 feet wide and it's running bank to bank," said Mayor Alan Hooks.

Floodwater did make it into the garage of one home.

The city of Arlington ordered more sandbags after handing out 12,000 earlier this week.

Rain caused flooding in some of the typical trouble spots like along Johnson Creek.

"I've been here almost 24 years and I've never seen this response for sandbags," said Bill Bateman with the city's public works department.

Homeowners are limited to 25 bags and businesses can get up to 50.

The city expects to hand out another 10,000 sandbags before Saturday.