Five Guys' prices sparks outrage after $24 receipt goes viral: 'Highway robbery'

FILE - A freshly prepared cheeseburger sits on a kitchen counter at the first U.K. outlet of U.S. burger restaurant chain Five Guys in London, U.K., on Tuesday, July 2, 2013.

A controversial $24 receipt from a Five Guys restaurant has recently put social media users up in arms.

An X account named Wall Street Silver published a picture of the viral receipt, which he said he took from Reddit, on Mar. 1.

"Five Guys prices are out of control," the X user wrote. "$24 for one person."

The receipt shows that a bacon cheeseburger was sold for $12.49, along with a regular soda priced at $2.89. A small portion of fries was also added on – for a whopping $5.19.

The order total came to $21.91 with tax, and the buyer added a $2.19 tip – bringing the total to a pricey $24.10.

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The X post has been viewed over 25.2 million times – and has sparked a debate about the beloved fast food chain's prices.

"I guess I was expecting about $12 to $15 per person for Five Guys," Wall Street Silver said on X. "$22 (without tip) just seems to cross a line. What is the right amount these days?"

Many X accounts were in agreement with the user and blasted the burger joint's prices.

"5 dollars for a small fry is highway robbery," one commentator wrote. "It's literally just a potato and some salt. Cost them a quarter to make."

"I know a way to save $2.19 on that real quick," a different user said.

"You ain’t seen nothing yet. Wait until that $20 an hour minimum wage in California kicks in," another X user predicted.

But other social media users weren't shocked by the price.

"Five Guys has always been more premium than others, though," user Ian Miles Cheong wrote.

"Five guys was always overpriced. The same meal was $15 ten years ago," an unimpressed commentator added.

Many fast-food restaurants have raised prices due to record-high inflation over the past few years. Chick-fil-A prices have increased by 21% since early 2022, while Domino's Pizza CFO Sandeep Reddy recently said that the company plans "for a modest price increase in the low-single digits." 

Fox Business reached out to Five Guys for comment but has not heard back.