First Lady Jill Biden to tour first of four COVID-19 vaccine clinics held at Dallas ISD campus

Dallas ISD is bringing shots to students in their communities to boost COVID-19 vaccination numbers before the start of next school year.

Dr. Jill Biden will be stopping by the vaccination clinic at Conrad High School on Tuesday as part of an ongoing effort to get more young people vaccinated.

Camilia Carreno, 14, her mom and sister are now among the newly vaccinated after getting their shots Monday. They were some of the first through the door at Samuell High School — one of four community clinics hosted by DISD and Parkland Hospital this week at several different high schools

"I was like, you know what, let me get vaccinated, especially in the summer when it gets hot because you start sweating in your mask," Carreno said.

People ages 12 and over are eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine. The clinics are open to students, their families and neighbors -- like Darrell Tims.

"OK, Monday, yeah no problem. Right up the street. So that’s why I decided to come in," Tims said.

The clinic is also an opportunity for extra face time with health care professionals for those still on the fence. 

"That way you can make an informed decision -- and people being here to answer those questions sometimes alleviates the fear to get the vaccine," said Kimberlyn Steward, DISD Nurse Supervisor.

Tuesday’s clinic at Conrad High School in North Dallas will feature a visit from First Lady Dr. Jill Biden as part of a tour pushing the vaccine. 

The Biden Administration admitted last week it will fall shy of its 70% vaccination goal. One reason — fewer people under 30 aren’t getting the shot. 

That leaves health leaders to sweeten the deal with incentives appealing to young people. Those getting vaccinated Tuesday will get a pass to Six Flags.

"For some people incentives work. And if they work, we are going to do everything we can to get them to protect themselves, protect their families," said Dr. Beshara Choucair, White House Vaccinations Coordinator.

Soon-to-be Samuell High School freshman Melanie Saucedo says she’s all for incentives if they help influence her peers, but she didn’t need a giveaway -- just the promise of getting back her life.

"I was like if this is going to help going back into public spaces, I should do it," said Saucedo.

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