Family of police assault suspect want answers from law enforcement

The family of a teen who was in an officer-involved shooting in Celina say they've been left in the dark.

Jesus Vargas was shot by a deputy after he allegedly attacked a police canine last week.

His family rallied in front of Plano Medical Center Saturday morning, demanding answers on the investigation.

They say they haven’t received any information about their son in over 10 days.

Celina Police and the Collin county Sheriff's Office were called to the Vargas home on West Beech Street in the early hours of August 18th for a domestic dispute that ended with Vargas in the hospital.

Authorities say when they got there, Vargas who had reportedly been acting erratic, ran from police and was found nearby by a k-9 officer.

They say that's when Vargas attacked the k-9 and a deputy shot him.

His family says they haven't heard from him since.

“We don't have a conflict with the process of detention, what we have is a conflict is with the manner in which they're investigating this,” said Carlos Quintanilla, an advocate for the family.

Vargas has been charged with aggravated assault against a public servant and harassment while in detention.

Sources say he spit on and threw punches at two correctional officers monitoring him while he was recovering in the hospital.

His family is demanding answers and body camera footage to prove everything happened the way police said it did.

Saturday afternoon, the family met with the Collin County Sheriff's Office.

“The individual that's been incarcerated is a high-security inmate or prisoner and for safety and security reasons, the Collin County Sheriff's Office does not routinely allow visitation in the hospital,” said Captain Jim moody.

The family says they were told they may be able to see Vargas as early as Monday.

They plan to ask the department of justice to step in and launch an independent investigation.