Family of I-20 wreck, explosion victims mourn loss

Loved ones of the victims killed in a fiery collision on Interstate 20 earlier this week said they are devastated by the loss of their family members.

Jessica Moreno, 24, was the pregnant mother killed with her husband, Fidencio Hernandez, and two sons Marcello, 5, and Kevin, 1, in the wreck early Monday.

Moreno's family did not know definitively that their relatives were the ones killed in Monday’s crash until Tuesday evening.

Moreno's sister, Vanessa, heard about the crash Monday and grew worried when no one could reach Moreno. 

The family said Moreno was heading out of town to visit relatives on their day off. But they never made it to their destination and never called to check on two older daughters who stayed back because they had school.

Moreno's family began calling hospitals and law enforcement to try to find out what might have happened, but it wasn’t until Tuesday evening that sheriff's deputies delivered the news. 

Officials said Wednesday that the family’s vehicle was stalled out on the ramp and the 18-wheeler slammed into the car, triggering the massive explosion.

Family members are working on funeral arrangements for the couple and their children.