Family of Everman officer who died from COVID-19 helping out others in his honor

A North Texas family is on the mend, physically, after several members caught COVID-19.

Now, their story is being shared on a national scale.

FOX 4 shared the story of the Arango family back in October, when Everman police officer Alex Arango and his mother died from COVID-19 complications.

Now, family members are doing good in their honor and continuing to spread their story.

Officer Arango was laid to rest a little over a month ago.

On Friday, in a gesture reminiscent of his service to the community, his family will deliver gifts to Everman school children in his honor.

"We’re going to give each kid a free kids meal card that they can go to Raising Canes or Chick-fil-A, and along with a little coloring book and candy cane. And it also explains who they’re getting it from and why," Danet Arango-Henry explained.

The family purchased the 1,200 'free meal' gift cards with money collected from the T-shirt sales in officer Arango’s memory.

It’s believed he contracted COVID-19 while on the job, responding to a home where it was later determined there were people with the virus.

Days after his death, his 81-year-old mother, Carmen Arango, also died from COVID-19 complications.

Around the same time, three other family members also contracted the virus.

The funeral for the officer and his mother was delayed so that all could go through their respective quarantine periods.

"It was my niece, her husband, and my sister-in-law, and they all recovered very well," Arango-Henry said.

There will also be a tribute by People magazine as part of an ongoing series about COVID-19 heroes and victims.

The officer and his mother will be among a group of Americans featured in an upcoming article. An honor that is bittersweet during a holiday season that will be a difficult one to celebrate.

"It is an honor that they are in the magazine, but how they are going to be, I wish they weren’t there," Arango-Henry said. "With Christmas coming, that’s a little harder to deal with. That was one of their favorite holidays, so that one is a little harder to manage."


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