Family of Dallas lawyer killed in suspicious fire devastated by death

The family of a prominent Dallas attorney is describing his suspicious death as devastating.  

Homicide and arson investigators are asking for tips from the public about Ira Tobolowsky's death inside his burning North Dallas home on Friday. Tobolowsky was found dead inside his garage.

Stuart Prescott, Tobolowsky's Brother-In-Law, said the family was “crushed” about the lawyer’s death.

“We have our way of dealing with grief being Jewish, but the community's been unbelievable our friends have been unbelievable and we have a great family,” Prescott said.

The fire has been labeled suspicious by arson investigators but neither the fire department nor police are talking.

Steve Schottmer, Tobolowsky's lawyer, told FOX4 an accelerant was found in the garage that shouldn’t have been there. He said his client would not have stored any chemicals or accelerants because he could not physically do labor intensive work

Schottmer said arson investigators asked him if there was anyone he could think of who had litigation against Tobolowsky or someone who was angry at him. He told them yes.

“The gentleman that I identified had brought a lawsuit against his mother who was the trustee of the family trust,” Schottmer said.

Tobolowsky represented the mother in that lawsuit, which led to countersuits and a long running legal battle. There was supposed to be a hearing in the case in the court of Judge Moye on Wednesday.

Throughout the weekend Judge Moye had sheriff's deputies posted at his home as a precaution after what happened to Tobolowsky. That has been discontinued but there are extra bailiffs on the judge’s floor at the court house.

No one investigating the fire has indicated they want to talk to the man mentioned by Schottmer.    

Arson investigators went back to the neighborhood Monday hoping to find surveillance video of someone at the back of Tobolowsky's home, but reportedly came up empty handed.