Family of Christina Morris using Facebook page to help find another missing woman

Now that the remains of a Christina Morris have been found, her family is using the Facebook page dedicated to finding her, to help find another missing woman.

Typhenie Johnson was last seen in October of 2016, in Euless. About a dozen people helped search for Johnson on Saturday after hearing about the search through that Facebook page.

“I would suspect this would be a prime search area it's about 80 acres,” said search coordinator Art Sahlstein.

Even though Johnson disappeared a year-and-a-half ago, Sahlstein has not given up on finding her.

The avocational paleontologist first began helping coordinate searches in 2005, after Kristen Charbonneau disappeared close to a piece of property he took care of. She still has not been found.

“Family of Typhenie have become my family, they're all from out of state,” he said. “I know it is comforting for them to know there are big hearted people in Texas who are continuing to look for their daughter since they can't since they are so far away.”

Johnson’s ex-boyfriend, Christopher Revill, is charged with kidnapping Johnson with the intent to kill her. She was last seen arguing with him outside her apartment and police found her clothing in his backyard.

Sahlstein coordinates the searches about twice a month.

“There is nothing easy about this job, gets hot in the summer, rain, snakes, hogs. A bunch of things you have to watch out for. But it's marvelous that people donate their time, they will come out, and go through a little pain to try to put a resolution on this,” he said.

Michael Tapp drove two hours from Temple to help with the search.

“You want to do everything you can to bring closure for the family,” he said.

Carrie Denton has recently felt compelled to help with cases like Johnson’s

“We have a lot of missing people in our city, and I want to get out and help,” she said.

“Sometimes it is difficult especially at my age to get up and start stomping around in these woods. But it is he that lives in me and not myself,” said Sahlstein.

There is also another woman was dating Revell when she disappeared in 2006. Taleeba Islam has never been found and her case is now considered a homicide.