Family: No apology after HS band member injured

The father of a high school band member who was hit by a rival football team's early re-entry says his daughter is still in pain, days later.

On Friday, the Plano West football team was let on to the field early, interrupting Plano Senior High's performance and hitting flag twirler Carley Sessom.

Now, her father, Darren Sessom, says she will be on the sidelines for weeks with at least a deep bruise on her hip.

“Rivalries are in place,” Darren said. “I want people to have fun, but no one intends on going out and getting hurt, whether they're a player, whether they're a band member. You know, they're out there to do something that they've worked really hard to do.”

The district took full responsibility for letting the players go early and said they apologized immediately.

Carley Sessom's family says they have not received an apology from Plano ISD.

A video of the incident that was posted to YouTube has been seen more than 44,000 times.