Family living near Garland creek rescued from rising waters

A mother, son, and family dog living in a tent along a creek at West Miller road and South Glenbrook drive in Garland were trapped when the water began rising around them.

The creek embankment was too steep and the dirt too muddy from the rain for the family to climb out by themselves.

A bystander saw what was going on and called 9-1-1.

Sky 4 images captured the aftermath of that dramatic rescue.

The mother says they have been living there for two days and her husband was at work when the rain started coming in.

She didn't want to give her full name but says when the water started rising, they grabbed the dog and what they could and tried to get out, but became trapped along the steep banks of the creek, suddenly in need of rescue.

Because the banks along the creek were steep, A water rescue team had to rappel down and rescue them.

The family says they lost their tent and their shoes but everyone including their dog made it out safely.

The fire department has tried to find them a place to stay tonight and we tried calling shelters as well, but were told most of the shelters are full or stopped taking in people earlier in the day.

Some neighbors gave the family a ride to a nearby motel for the night but beyond that the family told us they don't know what they're going to do.