Family demands video after Dallas County jail death

The family of a man who died in the lobby of the Dallas County jail is protesting his death and demanding surveillance video.

Joseph Hutcheson’s mother is calling for the release of video from Aug. 1 and the family raised questions about what happened during the autopsy.

“The corruption in this city is unreal,” said Joseph’s brother, James Hutcherson.

Investigators said he ran into the public entrance of the Lew Sterrett Justice Center claiming his wife was trying to kill him.

Deputies handcuffed Hutcheson until witnesses said he complained he couldn’t breathe. He was taken to the hospital where he died.

The sheriff said she will not release video until the investigation is complete. Officials said it would compromise the investigation and compromise witness recollections if they released surveillance video.

Family members and demonstrators packed the jail lobby late Friday night, shouting Hutcheson’s name.

The group of about 50 people included his mother and wife.

After several minutes, law enforcement officers in helmets, a couple of them holding riot shields, stepped into the lobby. 

One of them told protestors, “You can demonstrate but you have to leave enough room for people to come in and out of the lobby.”

The group left but promised to keep coming back until investigation details are released. 

The Hutcheson family hired a pathologist after the medical examiner's autopsy and said they are suspicious. The family said portions of his throat have been removed and they have questions for the medical examiner about whether neck injuries cost him his life.

The sheriff’s department is trying to determine if there are more witnesses to interview as part of the investigation.

There is no official cause of death for Joseph Hutcheson.