Families of missing and murdered women hold vigil

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The families of two women prayed together for resolution on Saturday.

21-year-old Jasmin Adams has been missing since she was last seen on New Year’s Day.
34-year-old Jacqueline Hughes was found dead early this month in South Oak Cliff. Her suspected murderer.

Brandon Sampson, is a suspect in both women’s disappearance, and is still at large. Adams’ family maintains there's no way she'd willingly be with a man capable of any kind of harm.
Fort Worth Police Captain Deven Pitt told everyone at the prayer vigil at Highland Hills Baptist Church in Fort Worth that he's working Adams’ disappearance as though she is alive.

“Every resource that we have available, we're employing,” he said.

Adams' mother, Lora Bacy, last saw her daughter when she was moving out to live with Brandon Sampson. She says she had no idea at the time that Jacqueline Hughes, had been missing since Christmas.

Dallas Police found Hughes' body in Sampson's Oak Cliff garage January 9th, but Bacy did not learn Sampson was a suspect in the murder until police issued a warrant for his arrest January 17th.

Police are still searching for him.

Hughes' mother also attended the vigil, tearfully embracing Bacy.

Looking back, Bacy says she believes Sampson coerced her daughter into leaving with him, and she now thinks she is alive, being held against her will.

“That gives me the extra hope to keep looking knowing that they believe as I believe that she is still alive, she just doesn't know how to come home or can't, so it gives me hope,” she said.

Adams' younger brother and sister say that gives them hope as well.

“Jasmine, I miss you so much that I'm willing to risk my own life just to find you,” said Alexius LeBlanc.

Police stress that no tip is insignificant. Captain Pitt says he knows Adams willingly made the move to Dallas with Sampson. Police speculate the two met through social media, and continue to look for clues online, as her loved ones hold tight to hope.

Fort Worth and Dallas Police are working together to find Adams and Sampson.