Everman day care owner's son charged with child sex abuse

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The son of a day care owner in Everman is accused of sexually assaulting at least one child his mother cared for. But police worry there could be more victims.

Everman police say Chance William Moore, 23, sexually assaulted a young girl for two years at his home where his mother ran a day care.

"There are 3 children that are involved. Currently, we are investigating the possibility of there being more,” said Everman Police Sgt. Craig Spencer. "My understanding is this has been an ongoing incident over the last several years."

According to police, the alleged crimes go back seven years.

Police say a child made an outcry last week and said the sex abuse happened "from the time she was 9 years old to the time she was 11 years old."

Case records also say the abuse "stopped only because the victim prevented herself from ever being alone with Chance W. Moore."

"They're trying to make contact with all those families and be very through in trying to ascertain exactly how many possibilities victims we're looking at,” said Spencer.

Child Protective Services say Moore's mother got a day care license in 2008. Police say they have at least two other cases, including one from 2008, that involved a relative of Chance Moore.

Police say they want to know if anyone else knew what was going on.

"Anybody else involved in the incident will be charged accordingly,” warned Spencer.

Police say they have families they'd like to talk with over the course of several years to see if they are looking at more victims from the Everman day care. CPS says the day care’s operations have been suspended during the investigation.

Moore is in jail and charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child.