Duncanville teen arrested after video shows him assaulting other teens

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A Duncanville 18-year-old faces multiple charges after being caught on video attacking other teens.

Cameron Mikal Hendrix was recorded attacking two different teens, one of whom was 14 years old, at Armstrong Park in Duncanville.

Duncanville police said a detective found the video of the assaults posted on a social media channel.

The detective recognized the park and shared the video within the department to find out more information. Some patrol officers, according to police, “recognized the incident as one that had been reported but with very little suspect information to follow up on.”

The Duncanville detective was able to do more research via social media and figure out the suspect was Hendrix.

Hendrix was arrested on Tuesday afternoon and remains jailed on charges of felony injury to a child and assault.

Police have not identified the person who recorded the video, but they say that there isn't a city law that makes recording something like a fight unlawful.

The suspect's dad posted to Facebook on Tuesday, "To all of my son's friends. He is locked up because of that dumb *** video he posted."

He goes onto say, “…if you really his friend you should have told him not to put that **** on the web."

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