Drivers warned to service vehicles during frigid temps

The Arctic blast here in North Texas is causing several issues and being big headaches for drivers.

Not taking proper care of a vehicle during frigid weather can become an issue.

Drivers have had trouble navigating the roadways with icy patches and, in some case, sprinklers being left on and forming a blanket of ice. Precaution is always in order when you are behind the wheel. Prevention is another important aspect of staying safe on the road.

The frigid air has kept many service centers across North Texas busy around the clock. One auto maintenance business in Irving says drivers have been in to have winterizing steps addressed — everything from antifreeze to frozen windshield wipers.

“We are having to stock up on an abundance of antifreeze. A lot of people are coming in,” said “You want different specs for different cars. You should service your radiators and get that old coolant out, especially if it’s been over five years.

An important tip the mechanics offer is you should let your engine run for about five minutes before driving your vehicle.