Driver mistakenly hits gas, crashes into Dallas Metro PCS

A woman was not seriously hurt when a car drove into and through the store over the weekend where she works.

Surveillance camera caught the close call Saturday morning at the Metro PCS store off Walnut Street in Far Northeast Dallas. Police say the driver mistakenly pushed the gas instead of the brake. He was driving in to try to make a stop when he hit the gas instead.

Jason Mareno is amazed his girlfriend's mother is still alive. Diane Min was working in her Metro PCS store Saturday morning when a teenage driver drove through the store and slammed right into her.

“You’re talking about a 4,000-pound vehicle coming through a wall,” Mareno said. “You’re right behind it, so you’re getting hit by a door, a wall and a truck.”

According to Dallas police, the unidentified driver mistakenly hit the gas instead of the brake. Surveillance video shows the driver coming through the parking lot. He then made a left as if to park, but instead jumped the curve and slammed into the store. A customer and female employee who is eight months pregnant managed to jump out of the way.

“That customer actually came with the driver. She was helping him out,” said Metro PCS Manager Jasmine Gonzalez. “As soon as she seen the car come, she ran next door. She reacted on time and she jumped the opposite was from where the car was coming.”

But Min, who was in the adjacent repair shop, took a direct hit. Moments later, video shows the customer running out of the store followed by the driver who puts his hands on his head.

Despite the impact, Min was taken to the hospital but did not suffer any serious injuries.

“Like an angel was riding with her. Because if you look at it. She just gets blown away and she disappears. Which doesn’t make any sense because it looks like she got pushed between the wall and the truck, and then she just pops up,” Mareno said. “Like an angel just picked her up and said, ‘Here's your nine lives. Go about your business.’”

According to Dallas police, the driver of the car was not issued any citations because it was an accident.

Min plans to be back at work later this week.