Drive-through robber holds up restaurant employee

Fast food robberies are, unfortunately, not uncommon, and most robbers use the front or back door.

But a man with a gun held up a Lewisville restaurant recently at the drive-through.

Surveillance video captured the moments a robber used a Jack in the Box drive-through to catch employees off guard.

The suspect walks up to the window and knocks until an employee opens it, thinking it's a coworker.

When he sees it’s not, he immediately throws his hands up.

Police say it's hard to make out a description:

“You mostly see just his body, his outline,” said Dan Rochelle with the Lewisville Police Department. “You see a little bit of the weapon.”

The suspect brandishes a gun, although it's unclear what kind. Lewisville police believe it was a semi-automatic.

The employee keeps his hands up at all times, except to remove about $150 from the register.

The gunman then orders the employee to open the safe.

As the worker explains it’s in the back, he steps away from the window, and once far enough away, he yells to coworkers to call police.

The robber then takes off into the darkness behind the building.

No one at Jack in the Box wanted to talk to FOX 4 on Thursday, but employees at the Taco Casa next door are jittery.

“When I heard about this, it was kind of sketchy,” said Ricardo Paredes, manager at the Taco Casa. “It was like, you know, they should know the policy. When somebody walks up to the window and they knock, you shouldn’t open it if they don't have a vehicle.”

He says that's lesson number one in the fast food business.

“I was surprised,” said Paredes. “It was crazy because we are right next to them. Pretty much, we let all the employees know, keep your eye out. Anything suspicious, let us know.”

There were no customers there at the time and nobody was hurt.