DPD Chief Brown touts stats, admits morale is low

Dallas Police Chief David Brown touted the city’s crime stats Monday as some are calling for him to step down.

Chief Brown told members of the Dallas City Council’s public safety committee that crime is down in the city.

“Our crime stats are the greatest story never told,” he said. “We’ve had a 50 percent reduction in police shootings, yet had two slow things down because of the hypocritical environment.”

He also admitted morale in the department is low and said he believes it’s because of the department’s low starting pay and poor benefits.

“Officers have been fired, sued, indicted and shot at police headquarters and their achievements have been discounted -- without evidence,” Brown said.

High response times for Dallas police has also turned into a hot button issue. Brown said it has taken longer -- 8 or 9 hours longer -- for officers to respond to non-violent crimes because new policies call for officers to slow down and de-escalate situations.

Dallas Police Association President Ron Pinkston called Brown’s explanations “excuses.”

“We need a new management style. If that means a new chief, then so be it,” Pinkston said, adding that the response time issue is becoming a big problem with officers and citizens.

Last week, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings chastised two council members who met privately with the city manager trying to seek the chief’s resignation. The mayor said he stands behind the chief.

Brown also has support from the Dallas Black Police Association.

After Monday’s meeting, Brown asked the public to “pray for him and the department” moving forward.