Downed power lines shut down Highway 121 near DFW Airport

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Fallen power lines shut down traffic in both directions for several hours Tuesday afternoon on Highway 121 in Grapevine right as rush hour hit.

Dispatchers say a fire sparked on a power pole right at rush hour, causing live lines to fall onto the interstate. And if that wasn't trouble enough, the grass caught fire. Fire trucks, police cars and Oncor cherry pickers overtook the overpass, working to get the lines back up.

Traffic shut down around 4 p.m. and initially drivers were trapped in a "no man's land,” unable to move forward or turn around. It was rerouted out of the area at the north end of DFW Airport, where 121 and I-635 merge.

As many as 700 customers were without power after the power lines fell.

Luckily, the power lines did not fall on a single car when they fell down.

All lanes on Highway 121 were reopened shortly after 9 p.m.