Dogs shot at, captured after attacking East Oak Cliff man

Two dogs were captured after Dallas police opened fire on them following an attack on a man in East Oak Cliff on Monday.

One of the dogs was grazed by a bullet but neither dog showed obvious signs of gunshot wounds, according to city officials.

Monday’s attack is the latest incident in the city's problem with loose dogs and is the 14th such incident reported in Dallas in May. The issue has attracted growing attention since the mauling death of Antoinette Brown two weeks ago.

James Demaree said he was walking home with a sack of groceries when he was attacked by two of his neighbors' dogs.

“They just came around the side in this direction, bit me, grabbed my sack, spilled all the groceries,” he recalled. “They had the food and they still came back and attacked me.”

Demaree got away with deep puncture wounds in his leg and called police. He says officers responded right away. But then the dogs went after police.

“The police were running around the car, trying to hit them with a shovel, anything. They didn't want to shoot them,” said neighbor Charlotte Monroe. “At the end, they had to shoot.”

Police were able to capture both dogs with the help of Dallas Animal Services. The dogs will be quarantined to determine if they have any diseases.

“Because of recent issues and recent events that have occurred, our response has been ramped up, and we're having to work more closely with Dallas Animal Services to make sure the situation is resolved,” said David Smith, Dallas Police Department.

Neighbors said they've had problems with the dogs before and Dallas police said they respond to dog calls in this neighborhood regularly. However, it's unclear if all the calls are for the same dogs.

The dog’s owners have three children. They say the dogs aren't aggressive towards them.

But neighbors agree the dogs need a shorter leash.

“You have a dog, why is he not on a chain?” said neighbor Barron Graham. “You have kids. You have elderly people out here.”

City officials have not said if the animals will be put down or if the owners will be cited.