DNA experts take the stand in Christina Morris kidnapping trial

Jurors in The Christina Morris kidnapping trial heard from several experts on DNA samples taken from Enrique Arochi’s Camaro Thursday afternoon. However, the judge decided the jury will not hear testimony from what may be one of the more crucial expert witnesses.

Morris disappeared in August 2014. She was last seen on surveillance video at the Shops at Legacy in Plano with Arochi.

This jury heard plenty of testimony, some of it confusing and seemingly conflicting.

Experts testified about DNA evidence from the trunk of Arochi's Camaro that was scientifically linked to Christina Morris. But the big questions are what did type of DNA was found, and how did it get there.

The state was hoping their expert would answer the first question.

Experts from various labs, including one at UNT, tested samples taken by Plano PD from the mat in the car's trunk as well as from weather stripping along the bottom edge where the trunk closes.

One expert concluded a presumptive test was negative for blood but then testified DNA tests revealed the sample was from Christina Morris. She said the concentration of DNA was high enough for her to conclude the DNA was not from skin called "touch DNA."

The state wanted to hear from an expert in genetics employed by Plano PD who says he believes the negative presumptive test results occurred because there were cleaning agents used in the trunk. But the judge decided that he would not allow it, sighting several reasons.

The judge said there were no tests done on Arochi's car to show cleaning agents were used.

The expert said he came to the conclusion about cleaning agents because the car was very clean and there were bottles of cleaning agents found in the trash at the home Arochi shared with his parents. That was not convincing enough for the judge.

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