Divers recover body of missing man in Grapevine Lake

Divers returned to Grapevine Lake Monday and found the body of a man who went missing Sunday evening.

The man, 44-year-old Ruben Mesa, slipped in the boat, hit his head and fell into the water. He didn't resurface after that.

Flower Mound police, Grapevine firefighters and the Texas Game Warden all responded to the area of Twin Coves Marina.

Officials said the water may be about 40 feet deep in that location.

"It's extraordinarily deep for that condition of the marina," said Flower Mound Fire Chief Eric Greaser.

Flooded trails and roads also made it difficult for search crews to reach the marina.

Grapevine Lake is now 25 feet above normal levels. According to the police, the victim and his friend had to utilize a kayak in order to get out to the marina.

Rescuers are now asking people to be extra careful in any of the area's full lakes. With picnic tables, signs and pavilions underwater, it makes it difficult for boaters to make out the true shore line.

"Shoreline swimmers and such can be walking along in knee deep water and you might have an 8 foot drop off – it just drops straight down," said Kenneth Myers, a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Natural Resource Specialist.

Spillway conditions are expected to continue through June 15.