Desoto residents fed up with unkempt city park

People in Desoto are fed up with a city park that hasn't been mowed since before the tornadoes on December 26.

Residents say the park is an eyesore and a danger to kids living nearby

At Meadow Creek Park in Desoto, barricades block the entrances to a play-area that has been off limits for nearly five months.

“We have, in the back, people that's building their houses back up, houses are being torn apart and they're building them back up. So we thought it was going to be January, February, at least March that it would be done,” said Montgomery.

The city says it's working with FEMA on the clean-up. On Wednesday, the city still doesn't have an anticipated re-opening date.

FOX 4 checked with other communities impacted by the December 26 tornadoes. Rowlett, for example, had some debris and trees down in parks but said it couldn't wait on FEMA. With help from volunteers, it cleaned up and no parks are closed. Desoto, however, insists the park clean-up is more complicated.

“If you didn't mow your lawn for a few months, you probably receive a letter in the mail or a citation or something like that because you have to mow your lawn,” said Montgomery.

Montgomery says he understands some of the work takes time but wants the city to know people around it miss their park.

“They have to maybe be urged to do that people actually do care about the park,” said Montgomery. “They want people to actually care about it for them to go out and mow it.”

The city said they couldn’t comment on camera because the assistant city manager was busy getting the mowing project up for bid.