Denton plans to repeal fracking ban, residents protest

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The fracking ban approved by voters in Denton is no longer enforceable. Now, the city council will take the first steps towards abolishing it.

The issue of fracking still generates strong feelings in the city.

Tuesday morning three protesters were arrested at the first drilling site where hydraulic fracturing has resumed.

More than 20 demonstrators tried to keep trucks from entering the site. They also put a chain and padlock around the gate.

The three who were arrested face charges of criminal trespassing.

One told FOX 4 it was for a cause she believes in.

"We voted in Denton in November. We voted against and here we are fracking again and justice hasn't been served. HB 40 is a law that we feel doesn't apply to Denton because we voted and that's why we're here today," Elida Tamez said.

Another three protesters were arrested on Monday.

It was back in November that Denton voters approved a fracking ban by a wide margin.

But last month Governor Greg Abbott signed a law that prohibits Texas cities from regulating oil and gas production.

Tuesday night the Denton City Council will at least begin the process of repealing the city's ban.

Both opponents and supporters of fracking will be at the council meeting.