Denton girl hopes for bone marrow match

While most 7-year-olds in North Texas prepare for school, one young girl from Denton needs a bone marrow match.

Hallie Barnard says even if Monday’s donor drive leaves her without one, maybe North Texans can help someone else in need.

When she was13 months old she was diagnosed with a rare form of blood cancer.

Diamond-Blackfan anemia prevents her bone marrow from producing red blood cells.

The Kendra Scott jewelry store is working with the Delete Blood Cancer organization to sign up more donors.

People register to be a donor and provide a quick swab of the inside of their cheek.

The Delete Blood Cancer organization helps connect potential donors with people like Barnard who need a match.

Barnard attends several registration events like Monday’s to make people aware of how much they're needed.

Barnard is in the second grade and ready to go back to school.

Blood transfusions and other treatments keep the disease in control, but only a perfect match and a bone marrow transplant will give her a complete cure.

You can also register online at and have a swab kit mailed to you.

The organization says in about 80 percent of the cases, people who are a match only have to donate stem cells, and that's a procedure much like donating platelets or plasma.