Denton couple gets lost after getting engaged on Colorado mountain hike

A Denton couple got engaged over the weekend while on vacation. But their trip took a turn for the worse when they got lost on a Colorado mountain.

Joshua Mason planned a romantic proposal on a hike near Boulder County, Co. He found a scenic spot and popped the question. His girlfriend, Katie Davis, said yes. But then the couple got lost.

The 8.2-mile hike up to Jasper Peak is rough terrain. Boulder County officials said Mason and Davis left too late and couldn’t see the trail once it got dark.

They had little water and not enough layers of clothing. As the sun went down, they became disoriented and desperate. Around midnight, another camper heard screaming and came to their rescue.

“They had come down a ridgeline and cliffed-out. They had come to a cliff and couldn’t go any further and were yelling for help. By the grace of God, he happened to be hiking by where he could hear them,” said Boulder County Sheriff Mountain Deputy Dan Walter.

The other camper led the couple to his group campsite at Diamond Lake. They had altitude sickness and severe dehydration.

“Put them into a tent, put them in sleeping bags, gave them water, gave them food and one of them realized, ‘This is a serious situation that they’re in,’” Deputy Walter said.

One of the campers drove to a nearby town to call 911 for help. Rescuers got them to a lower altitude around 6:30 a.m. the next morning.

Officials said the couple admitted they did not come as prepared as they should have. But the good news is they are now okay and their engagement is still on.