Denton County sheriff's deputy arrested for online solicitation of minor

A Denton County Sheriff’s deputy lost his job after he was arrested on a child sex charge.

Weston Jordan is charged with online solicitation of a minor. Police say the 46-year-old was trying to meet up with a boy he thought was 16 years old when he was busted in a sting operation.

DPS and Tarrant County Sheriff's Office set up the sting operation involving online solicitation of a minor. One of the suspects ended up being a veteran Sheriff's Sgt. West Jordan. Police were waiting for him. He ended up in jail and fired.

"Reaching out to someone he thought was a child has no place, especially in a police department or in our society,” said attorney Trent Loftin, who is not associated with the case.

Court documents say Jordan believed he was communicating online with a 16-year-old boy, but it was actually an undercover police officer. When Jordan showed up for the arranged meeting, the age changed. Police say he told officers he was "waiting on an 18-year-old male he met online."

In a statement, Denton County Sheriff Tracy Murphree said "I am shocked and ashamed by the arrest of one of our own for such a horrible crime. Criminal actions by those sworn to serve and protect will not be tolerated. He has brought dishonor to his profession and to this office.”

"Officers in Texas and the United States are out to protect us,” Loftin said. “We look at our officers for guidance. We look at our officers for so many things."

Jordan was a day-shift patrol sergeant and had been with the Denton County Sheriff's Office since 1992.

In the police document, investigators say Jordan told them "the boy was going to spend the night" and that "they did have conversations involving sexual encounters," which is a key part of the charge.

"In online solicitation, they're saying an individual went online trying to talk or entice a child someone under the age of 17 or 14 into doing sexual things or meeting up for a sexual arrangement,” Loftin explained.

Denton County officials said they are cooperating with the investigation into Jordan.

Jordan had worked for the Denton sheriff’s office more than 25 years. He is currently in jail at the Tarrant County Correctional Center.