Denton County declines to issue marriage licenses for same-sex couples

Same-sex couples couldn't get married in Denton County on Friday.

A notice posted by Denton County Clerk Juli Luke on the door of the county court house Friday morning said federal law now contradicted state law and she would seek legal counsel from Denton County District Attorney Paula Johnson.

During that time couples who arrived to get married were turned away.

"Somebody went upstairs to talk to the district attorney who said it's up to the county clerk to make that decision and then the county clerk was at lunch so we couldn't talk to her," said Casey Cavalier, who showed up wanting to get married. "Still haven't seen her"

Another sign was later posted inside the building in an attempt to clarify why the county wasn't issuing licenses.

"I have no intention of defying today's Supreme Court decision," wrote Luke on the sign. "The requirements on the application for a marriage license are both specific and state mandated. The application and license software currently used by Denton County are generated by our software vendor. […] Essentially I felt a responsibility to ensure these licenses are issued properly and legally so that they are valid.

Gay rights activists planned to rally Friday evening on the square in downtown Denton in support of the Supreme Court's decision.