Deal or Dud: Spray Perfect

A salon quality manicure is just a spray away, claims the advertisement for the ‘Spray Perfect.’ But what about the instructions?

Spray Perfect is designed to make your manicure marvelous. And if you're anything like FOX 4 summer intern Amanda Levinson, you've probably had your fair share of manicure mishaps.

While reading the directions for the product, Amanda already spotted a real nail biter. Not only do the instructions ask to apply a base coat for the product to stick to, but also ask to add a top coat to lock it in.

Each coat and the spray coat have to dry for as many as three minutes each. In fact, the ad says the base and top coat polish are called a "special free gift" and never part of the demonstration.

The folks who distribute the product say while the extra steps aren't in the ad, they are in an additional "how it works" video on their website. And since the system works with any top and base coat, they consider including theirs a bonus.

With the timer done and the top coat dry, Levinson moved on to the final step that seemed to wow her.

Not only did she require water and soap, as per the instructions and not mentioned in the ad, but Levinson’s "rinse" left rough edges and less than the salon quality results the commercial claims.

"I think the product sounds better than it actually is. I think it worked to some degree but not the way everyone would want it to work,” said Levinson. “I would say between the details they left out of the commercial and the detail on my nails, it's a dud.”

Spray Perfect retails for about $20. The company does have a no questions asked and satisfaction guarantee. It reports less than a one percent return rate.