Deadly shooting rampage suspect arrested near Austin

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The man accused of deadly shooting rampage across North Texas and a kidnapping earlier this week was arrested near Austin.

Georgetown Police say Silvestre Franco-Luviano was arrested Tuesday afternoon at an apartment complex. As authorities were about to begin negotiations, police believe he intentionally set a fire as as diversion in the apartment he was hiding in. As he ran out of the apartment, police were able to take him into custody.

Police believe Luviano is responsible for murdering two people, shooting at least four others, robbing a woman in Cedar Hill and kidnapping a man in Georgetown.

Dallas police say Luvaino's shooting and killing spree started about 10:30 p.m. Sunday near the Spur 408 and I-20 area of Southwest Dallas.

Investigators say Luvaino then went through Cedar Hill and shot at several people before killing and carjacking a man at a Texaco gas station in front of his wife as he pumped gas.

The first murder victim was 23-year-old Ruben Moreno of Duncanville. Family members say Moreno just visited his brother after going to the Cowboys game and was shot and killed in his Hummer on the I-20 overpass as he was heading home.

“Anytime he had time to work on it, he would put money into his truck, and that was his little pride and joy,” said Carlos, Ruben’s brother. “For him to have his life ended in his own truck, it’s not right.”

Police say Ruben was killed during Luviano’s random shooting spree. It also claimed the life of 44-year-old Walton Betts in Cedar Hill while he was pumping gas.

“Welton was one of the nicest people you could meet,” said Pastor Eddie Jones. “There were times he'd go in the grocery store and buy people’s whole basket full of groceries. I've seen where he went in restaurants and bought people's meals. He just loved it. He loved life."

Betts worked at a plant that constructs train wheels. Jones says Betts’ co-workers were deeply affected.

“They shut the plant down. Too many people couldn't handle it without him being there,” said Jones. “If that man would've asked him for the car, he'd have given him that car. He would've filled it up with gas. He'd give him the shirt off his back. That's just how Welton was."

Police say after killing Betts, Luviano stole a woman's car in a home invasion and headed to Austin. Police say he kidnapped and robbed a landscaper in Georgetown before letting him go.

Georgetown police say they found a firearm in the apartment he was hiding in. Nobody was injured during Luviano's apprehension.