Day 8 of Christina Morris kidnapping trial focuses on suspect's car

Even without a body, prosecutors are trying to convince the jury that Christina Morris was kidnapped, killed and dumped in a remote area.

The jury saw kidnapping suspect Enrique Arochi's Camaro and heard from a detective who says he believes a body may have made dents on the car, not Arochi's fist -- like he claimed.

The day for the prosecution started off with jurors taking a look at Enrique Arochi's 2010 Chevy Camaro.

A botanist testified a type of crabgrass typically found in low-lying areas and possibly swamps was found underneath and embedded in the engine compartment.

Plano Police Accident Investigator Kevin Sasso dedicated 10 months to the investigation and told jurors the damage to the front right quarter panel of the Camaro was not done by punching, as Arochi has previously claimed.

Sasso said it was more like a body, a buttocks or even a head because there was no friction signs, tears or scratches in the clear coat or paint.

Sasso was also responsible for identifying search locations. He says he used Arochi's toll tag, the cell towers his phone pinged on and the type of grass found on the Camaro to focus on remote areas.

Sasso told the jury "they were looking for a dead body."

A volunteer for Texas EquuSearch testified they searched with cadaver dogs, horses, on four wheelers, on foot and even in the air with drones.

Sasso says he used a GPS tracker on the Arochi's car and determined where and how much Arochi would fill up his gas tank through bank records.

On August 30, Sasso says Arochi got gas at Kroge. On cross-examination by the defense, attorneys asked if police got video of that. Sasso said no.

Defense attorneys asked if Arochi might've put gas in another family member’s car and not the Camaro.

Sasso told defense attorneys he believed Morris willingly went with Arochi the night she went missing. When asked to point out on a map where this case turned into an aggravated kidnapping, he could not say.

The prosecution says they hope to rest by next Monday.