Damaged gas, sewer lines prompted house explosion

Several Waxahachie families were finally allowed to go back home on Tuesday night following a house explosion.

Additionally, crews finally found the source of the blast. Atmos Energy said that the explosion was caused by a construction crew hitting a gas line and a sewer line.

The damaged sewer and gas line allowed natural gas to get inside a home on Arabian Road, causing an explosion on Monday morning that injured three people.

Crews evacuated 25 homes in the Saddlebrook Estates neighborhood following that explosion.

There were warning signs over the weekend. The family who lived in the home that exploded reported an unusual smell.

The home blew up Monday when the homeowner turned on the stove.

Atmos tested lines throughout the neighborhood on Tuesday and assured the fire department that there are no gas leaks. 

Fire officials allowed people back in on Tuesday night, and most could stay if they wanted to. 

For some families, however, the damage is too extensive for them to stay.

Jeff and Teresa Dotson came to check out the damage on Arabian Road, but they’re not staying at home for now. Their home, although still standing, wasn’t spared by the blast that leveled their neighbor’s home.

“Either we are out of our house for several months or we're looking for a new house,” said Jeff.

Susan Guynes, her sister and daughter could only come back for a few minutes to pick up belongings and search for their pets.

Their house, which is next door to the blast site, is damaged beyond repair. 

Investigators won’t yet say who damaged the gas line. 

An independent investigator with Atmos is also looking into it.

AT&T, which has been installing fiber lines in the area, says it’s cooperating.