Dallas woman walking her dog killed by potential street racers

An elderly woman out walking her dog in Far East Dallas was killed after she was struck by a hit-and-run driver potentially street racing.

Surveillance video from a nearby home shows the moments before the impact. 

The crash happened Friday around 2:30 p.m., near the intersection of Ferguson Road and Highwood Drive.

Police say 73-year-old Linda Pearson was walking her dog and was crossing Ferguson when she was hit by a black vehicle and a yellow vehicle speeding down the street. They did not stop after hitting her.

Pearson was pronounced dead at the scene. The dog was still alive after the crash, but taken to a local vet to be treated for serious injuries.

Neighbors and Pearson’s friends said she would take the same route everyday with her dog, crossing busy Ferguson Rd. 

Several people living nearby are terrified, saying reckless driving in the area is getting out of control. 

"I will miss her forever. She was the sweetest Christian lady I have ever known," Pearson’s neighbor and friend, Pamela Caraway, said.

Caraway was in disbelief after learning her neighbor and friend is now gone. 

"Somebody that didn’t deserve to die like that in the street," she added. 

Dallas police said two vehicles were speeding down Ferguson Rd., near Harry Stone Park, when Pearson was struck.

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Both drivers sped away from the scene.

It’s unclear which of the two cars may have hit her, but police were seen picking up pieces of a black vehicle on scene.

Caraway says Pearson was just starting her daily afternoon walk with her dog.

"I am just so upset with these people. If they could just stop and think, why don’t I just slow down. I don’t think they care," Caraway said.

Surveillance video from a neighbor a few blocks from the scene shows a yellow car and a black car speeding down Ferguson. 

The two cars, which appear to be racing, are seen flying past the camera.

Police confirm they’re now looking for both drivers. 

Caraway said she and Pearson had multiple conversations about the dangers of street racing down Ferguson. 

"They street race out here all the time," she said.

She tried to warn Pearson to stop trying to cross the busy road. 

I always knew it would happen, but I didn’t know it would be this close to home," she recalled. 

Caraway said she cherishes the years of friendship with Pearson.

Now she’s left heartbroken that the home next to her sits empty. 

"I walked on her porch earlier and I said, ‘Linda, why did you have to up and leave me so soon? I wanted to see you for Christmas. I wanted to be with you on Christmas,’" she said. 

Anyone with information is urged to contact Dallas police.