Dallas weather: North Texas shoppers flock to stores for heaters, firewood as icy weather moves in

North Texas shoppers flooded hardware stores and garden centers to battle the icy weather across the Metroplex this week.

"Today's been kind of hectic. We've been selling a bunch of de-icer, ice melt, pipe wrap," said Clay Hunt of Elliott's Hardware.

The store says folks have been buying tools of the season to get ready for the first winter weather event of 2023, especially electric heaters.

"We're pulling more stock from the back every 20 minutes," Hunt said.

It's not just the heaters flying off the shelves, wood is flying off the pallets at Walton's Garden Center.

"That's all we've been selling yesterday and today mainly is firewood," said Charles Walton.

Some school districts cancel classes as winter weather hits North Texas

As the cold rain started falling, traffic started slowing, with temperatures just below freezing.

Renee Cummings had to drive from Greenville to Mesquite for a doctor's appointment Monday.

"It's very icy, very cold," she said.

Other drivers saw some snow flurries on their drive.

"I'm going home. I'm done. It's a little too wet now," said Steve Gartside, whose lawncare business was put on ice by the weather.

The Jersey native had some tips on what we are all bracing for.

"If it's icy you got to slow down and don't be using your brakes real hard, " he said. "Or just stay off the road because nobody can drive on ice."