Dallas to give officers body cameras

The Dallas Police Department will soon begin using body cameras.

The department will issue about 75 cameras to officers mostly in the Central Patrol Division, which includes the Downtown, Uptown, Deep Ellum and East Dallas areas.

A few other officers in the Northeast Patrol Division will get them. Others who have had complaints against them will also be required to wear a camera.

Dallas Police Association President Ron Pinkston stopped by Good Day to talk about the new technology.

“We’re a fan of this one. By a lot of officers it’s rated as one of the best,” he said. “They’ll wear it on their chest or their lapel. The officers have option of going and getting the eye glasses and getting the connection on the eye piece.”

Pinkston said some who are not fans believe the cameras will turn the department into something like reality TV. They worry the cameras are not fool proof and that protecting victim identities will be a problem.

“The DPA has supported the body cameras since they were rolled out. We believe they are going to protect the officers and protect the city and they’re going to make us more transparent to the public,” he said.

The department is hoping to expand the program with possible grant money from the state of Texas. A new law makes it possible for departments to ask the governor for funding.

LINK: www.dallaspa.org