Dallas store owner killed in his front yard during robbery

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Plano police say a Pleasant Grove business owner was murdered during a robbery outside his Plano home.

Investigators say 56-year-old Ahmed Omar was targeted and shot to death early Wednesday morning in the 4200 block of McAlice Drive.

Omar's store off Buckner Boulevard in Dallas remains closed since the murder. Friends, co-workers and patrons passed by the store to remember the owner of this store, who they say made a powerful impact on this community with just his smile.

Everyone in the neighborhood knew him as Omar. Employees say the 56-year-old owned the Save-Mor Food Store near the intersection of South Buckner and Military Parkway for the last seven years.

Early Wednesday morning after closing up the store and driving back home to Plano, Omar was shot to death outside of his home.

Plano police have been canvassing the neighborhood, looking for surveillance video and following up leads. They say it was not a random attack.

"We do believe he was totally targeted on this,” said Plano Police Officer David Tilley. “And if anybody has any information, if they've heard anything about this, we're asking them to give us a call."

"You didn't have to kill him! You didn't have to take him away from us,” said Rene Hatchett, the store’s head cashier. “He would've gave you the money with no problem. No problem giving up the money. I don't understand. Why kill this man?"

Police believe Omar was targeted, robbed and murdered in the front yard of his home because he was known to bring home cash at the end of the day.

Coworkers say it is not exactly clear when or if the store will reopen. Family members say a prayer service was held on Friday in his honor.

Omar leaves behind a wife and three adult children.