Dallas quintuplets celebrating first birthday as happy, healthy babies

The quintuplets delivered at Parkland Hospital last year are getting ready to celebrate their first birthday next week. 

All five babies are healthy and developing on track, despite being born more than two months early.

The five babies have done a lot of growing since August when they had just come home from the NICU.

Brenda Raymundo says Leilani, Amara, Alex, Humberto and Antonio each have a different personality at nearly 1 year old.

"My mom helps me," she said. "I couldn't do it without her."

The quints have come a long way in one year of life when they each weighed between two and three pounds. 

"The boys are everywhere. They’ve been crawling for a while," Brenda said. "Alex and Antonio stand by themselves. They’re gonna start to walk soon."

ORIGINAL STORY: Dallas mom gives birth to quintuplets at Parkland Hospital

Brenda and her husband spent years praying for just one baby.

"God answered it times five!" she said. "We are so happy they are healthy and give thanks every day for them."

Brenda has documented some of her life as a quints mom on TikTok, attracting 230,000 followers by showing both the adorable and the realities of needing to feed five babies at once. 

"I feel like it is getting easier because, as babies, they had reflux and had to feed them every 3 hours," she said. "When you don't sleep, you are not as productive."

Brenda says there are still challenges, like how inflation feels when you need to buy diapers for five babies and trying to find formula during a national shortage. 

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"Two were on special formula for reflux. Now, I can't find it," she said.

Brenda says she’s tired after each day but is happy and now has wisdom to share with other new moms.

"Don't be scared," she said. "A lot of people say being a mom is super hard, and it is! But once you have your baby, you will know what they want. They will trust you."

There have only been three other sets of quintuplets born in Parkland Memorial Hospital's history. The last time before Brenda’s delivery was in 2014.