Dallas PE coach goes door to door delivering laptops

A devoted PE coach at a Dallas elementary school went the extra mile to make sure students can stay connected at home. Coach Robley Cash went door to door to deliver 30 laptops to students.

With schools closed, some Dallas ISD families do not have the resources needed to keep learning. Some also did not have the means to pick up district-owned laptops, so Coach Cash got together with other teachers from Jack Lowe Elementary School to deliver them instead.

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During the pandemic, teachers are using platforms like Google Classroom to help create and organize assignments. Video conferencing is also being used to make sure everyone stays connected. Something like a laptop is essential for the students.

Coach Cash said that personal delivery makes a big difference.

“When you're in the neighborhoods, you realize what our kids deal with and how important it is for the kids to see their teachers, people who care about them and love them. For me, you know, school is for a lot of kids a nice clean safe space. I wanted to try to make sure I could bring that to our kids to know they see their teachers’ faces,” he said.

He said it was nice to see the students with smiles on their faces.

At-home learning is new for many families so Dallas ISD said schools have reduced the number of graded assignments and have added activities to make sure students are doing well emotionally.

Dallas ISD said families that still do not have a laptop or internet hotspot should contact their principal.

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