Dallas PD makes terminally-ill boy chief for the day

A Dallas boy with terminal brain cancer received a special visit from the Dallas police chief who shared her title with him for the day.

14-year old Augustine is in hospice care. Neighborhood police officers from the north central substation learned about the family's need for support and thought making the teen and his siblings junior officers for a day would lift everyone's spirits.

When Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall heard about what was going on, she came along and decided to make him honorary chief. She prayed with the family and praised her officers for being so closely connected to the people they serve.

“They go outside of the box of law enforcement. They touch the human side,” she said. “This is the community engagement that we only dream about because we know its these kinds of things that build a stronger community and help us with our plight on crime."

The officers have also been getting help from a police support organization called First Stripe. They are collecting money to help with the family's needs.