Dallas non-profit creates bike share docks for neighborhoods

A non-profit is trying to find a solution to the clutter often associated with the dockless bike share system in Dallas.

Sitting outside Better Block's Bishop Arts office is a unique structure that holds bikes. The group constructed a prototype of what it calls a mobility parklet. Complete with seating and spots for about nine bikes, it could be placed all around Dallas in parking spots.

“We really wanted to talk about it, get it out there, let people give their feedback,” said Better Block Managing Director Krista Nightengale. “We're kind of hoping that this prototype might help inform that conversation and show people what the possibilities are.”

Better block worked with others on coming up with the design and it’s open sourced, so anyone could download it for free. It costs about $5,200 to make and anyone can assemble it easily without glue, screws or nails.

The idea is business groups, neighborhood associations or other organizations could install in areas across the city.

“I don't want to say we're docking the dockless bike share, we're just creating a way for people to have more options for parking their bikes,” Nightengale said.

It's one idea to combat what's been a trying last several months for the city getting used to bike share. Companies have flooded the market with more than 20,000 bikes since last fall, frustrating some residents. Better block wanted to offer one idea to help out.

“The Better Block was founded with the idea of empowering neighbors and giving them the tools and resources they need to make change,” Nightengale said.

Better Block says the regulations in the City of Dallas regarding parklets are still vague and there's still tweaking to do, but this is one idea to make bike share work.

Better Block will host a forum to discuss bike share at Oddfellows in the Bishop Arts District on Tuesday night. Guests include Dallas City Councilman Phillip Kingston, The Ticket's Craig Miller and the general manager of LimeBike Dallas.