Dallas must decide on fix for loose dog problem

The Dallas city manager will accept or reject a possible solution to South Dallas’ loose dog problem Tuesday morning.

A report found that there are up to 8,700 loose dogs in southern Dallas. The number of bites in the area has been increasing each year since 2013.

Boston Consulting Group recommends increasing the animal services budget by a million dollars and increasing the number of spay and neuters each year.

“We’re doing about 10,000 spay-neuters a year in southern Dallas. We need about four times that many for three years in a row to really bring down the birth rate of the dogs to a point where the situation is manageable in the long term,” said Peter Brodsky, who is on the city’s animal advisory commission.

Reaching the goal would require more mobile spay-neuter clinics in southern Dallas, offering free and low-cost procedures.

“It’s daunting. You’ve got 8,700 loose dogs, dogs running around southern Dallas. You’ve got bites growing at 15 percent. There’s a lot of different things that need to happen, but at the end of the day it’s really about time, money and management,” Brodsky said.

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