Dallas ISD offering an extra $50 a day for substitutes

The Dallas Independent School District will give substitute teachers more money to make up for a teacher shortage caused by the COVID-19 omicron variant.

Dallas ISD substitutes are being offered an additional $50 a day.

The district said more than 200 of its 10,000 teachers were out sick last week.

Some administrators have been stepping into classrooms to make up for the absent teachers.

"We’re seeing an uptick in the number who test positive, having to request quite a few subs. One strategy is central staff are subbing in several of our classrooms," said Sherry Christian, Dallas ISD’s deputy chief of staff.

Many of the administrators serving as substitutes are certified teachers themselves.

Dallas ISD said teachers who test positive for COVID-19 but do not show symptoms only have to isolate for five days. 

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